Voted Best Live Music Show in the Triad 2016 and Best Original Band.  Founder Chris Hathcock was voted Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Percussionist, Best Songwriter, Best Musician, and Runner-up Best Vocalist.

- YES! Weekly, Best of the Triad 2017 Issue


"the fact is On the Eve of a Goodbye is one of the best concept albums of recent memory"

 - Angry Metal Guy, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


 "Not only is On The Eve Of A Goodbye a tremendously good record, but it is also a record with a message"

- New Noise Magazine, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


"What we have here instead is poised and intelligent music that begs repeat listens and reflection. A great collection of songs and a must listen"

- Progressive Music Planet, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


"Eve is first-rate Progressive Metal, technically high-standing and delivered with a very high level of genuine emotion and passion"

 - Rock Music Raider, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


"The Reticent’s On the Eve of a Goodbye took me by surprise and proceeded to floor me in all its heartbreaking, sophisticated glory"

- Teeth of the Divine, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


"I can safely say that this album stands with any classic concept album that people will try and compare it with"

- Power of Metal, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


"This record is why I listen to music"

- The Gauntlet, review of "On the Eve of a Goodbye"


The Reticent is progressive in the truest sense of the term, and remains one of the best-kept secrets in metal…Once again, The Reticent delivers a stirring and unforgettable album that will absolutely appeal to fans of Opeth (especially Damnation and Heritage-era Opeth), Porcupine Tree, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Katatonia and Anathema.” 

- Hard Rock Haven, review of “Le Temps Detruit Tout”

I highly recommend this album to anyone who can handle an assault on their emotions and want to be taken to a place in their mind that they typical ignore. This is a prog metal masterpiece! Grab yourself a cup of coffee or warm tea or whatever beverage you like to sit down and sip on and let the music take over and let the tears roll if you need to.” 

- Nocturnal Euphony International Webzine, review of “Le Temps Detruit Tout”

Powerful and somber, but hopeful, best describes The Reticent's set. Hathcock and his backing band played all electric metal songs, with “Silence” (their closing song) completely flattening the crowd with its significance and heft. Hathcock obviously takes his artistic cues and pays solemn respect and homage to artists like Trent Reznor and TOOL as far as his band’s stage setting is concerned.  Projecting shots of World War II footage mixed with silent movie horror and historical film footage (interspersed with educational film clips on insects) onto a screen to the left of the audience’s view of the stage, Hathcock and his band remained shrouded in darkness, fleetingly lit by the light from said screen. The set up masterfully deflected attention away from himself as the artist and instead focused the crowd on the artistic product he was presenting.” 

- Shutter16 Magazine, review of live show