From the recording On The Eve Of A Goodbye

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As I come close,
she screams with caprice.
"It is so bleak beneath the blanket of sadness.
And where is dear brother Time?
He abandons this place.
(You don't listen! No one listens to me!)"
I think to myself,
'How can you say something so
burning cold that casts me out?'

The doors are closing.
The chains are locking.
Her eyes are barren.
Why won't she hear me?

'Please listen to me.'

"No! I don't care what you have to say!"

'Fine, you'll hear not one more word from my lips.'

The silence anchors us to this moment,
with furled brows and unforgiving eyes.

Crawling across deserts we had found each other.
A bond that felt as unshakable as the very Earth.
Now are we to abandon all we are?
This prison in which you hold yourself captive
does not have to remain locked...
Please let me in.

Tacit voice (confrontation)
implicit word (confrontation)
It is there (confrontation)
we embrace (you and I will never be the same)