From the recording On The Eve Of A Goodbye


Thinly veiled and myopic (Lay down)
Holding to your arrogance (and die)
And why should I even care? (traitor)
The sun doesn't rise over you (no more)

Hold on let me steal your very last breath.

Here you come, cross on your back (martyr)
Pour your tears into a tale (believe)
But you cried wolf too many times (liar)
No one to kiss you goodbye (alone)

Beg for pity - no one around.
Beg for memory - no one to mourn.

Your death is poetry.

Like a cancer eats away (rotting)
You corrupted everything (fading)
Now ashen tears wash you away (laughing)
Laid in the bed that you made (dying)

A light inside bleeds and envelopes me.
I'd say that I hate you but that would mean I felt something.
Apathy within me.
Blank faces of disregard will be your sole company.

Days wasted...