1. The Decision

From the recording On The Eve Of A Goodbye

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She abandons hope.
She finally chooses.
This is it.
This is the time.
This is her moment.

"Just like that. I'll be gone."

The decision's made.
No turning back.
It will be quick and painless.
But it will be violent.

"So with a gasp
and with a squeeze
I will be gone
just nothingness.

"I wish you well, my friend.
My last breath will be with you."

Steady the nerves now.
You can do this.
All you have to do is
pull down and fly.

"I told you to stay away
but you wouldn't listen to me.
I won't let you keep me from
ending this life.
I give up and now it's time.
This decision is mine alone!"

Take a deep breath now.
It's almost over.
Inhale fire then
exhale light.

He sees it all unfold
in a formless fluid of time.
And he pleads.
And he begs.
And he fearfully cries,
"What are you doing?!
Please don't do this!
Wait! Just listen to me!
You don't have to do this...
Please, no!

Please, no...