From the recording The Oubliette

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Float away from this place.
And all that they know.
Beneath a sunless sky you might
Remember who you are.

Henry is it in you to give up?
Live in dust?
Turn to rust?

In a night or in a day
In a vision or in none
Hope it seems will disappear
Do you see? Do you seem?

Will they be there when
You open
Eyes again?

Mary I can
See you standing
Wrapped in white
So beautiful
I’m so glad to
See you again
I’ve been so

Hold my hand
No more fear
Lost so much
You appear

Stay with me

Where have you been?
Why can’t I hear you?
Your lips are moving
But nothing’s clear.
My hands are trembling
My wings are broken
Will you lift me up with
Your song?

Do I dream?
Is this real?
Can I see?
Can I feel?

Flying higher, clouds so far beneath us.
I knew you'd come back to me.
Gravity is calling us back home.
We can break it, we can break free
Henry you know I'm not really here.
No, I won't let you go!
All dreams dissolve I too disappear.
Please don't leave me alone again!

Falling down…